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Monthly Update: April 2020

Another month passes and while we’ve been living under COVID-19 restrictions, it doesn’t mean everything has halted with Sans Vertigo. We’re still operating and shipping orders- although restocking and obtaining new stock has come to a crawl. Behind the scenes we’re still rolling up our sleeves and doing the work to maintain our animals, so here is the April update!

New Videos

Earlier this month some Underwater Pet Expo focused videos were uploaded onto our YouTube channel. One of these was a bit of a thoughtful chat about what I liked, disliked, and suggestions for future events in Australia. There will be some more educational videos in the future, though it’ll be a while since they involve info heavy topics. We’re in the process of writing the scripts for a three part series. 

Tiger Endlers now available

We’ve moved our breeding colony of tiger endlers into a dedicated breeding tank and were able to get some decent photos and videos of them. These fish are now available on our store as breeding trios (one male and two females)! You can find them here.

New Charms Incoming

This is coming super, super late- new stock of our shrimp charms, along with two new colour patterns will be arriving shortly after the publishing of this update. We ordered the printing several months ago, but as you’ve noticed- the world’s slowed down on many fronts. I’m excited to finally see the new shrimp charms come in soon, and I hope you will like them too! This time we made more options for caridina/crystal shrimp styles, since our original charms were mostly cherry shrimp focused.

Lag in restocking shrimp and plants

Anyone who’s been browsing the Sans Vertigo online store may have noticed that our live stock (both shrimp and plants) has been running low or out-of-stock often lately. You’re not just imagining things! We’ve been having trouble keeping up with stock and are in the middle of trying to upgrade our breeding and growing setups. In the past month we’ve run into some major COVID-caused hurdles that we will just have to wait and see to resolve.

It’s honestly quite frustrating, not knowing what will happen in the next few months. So I’m not sure when we’d be able to proceed with the upgrades for a while. At the moment we’re focusing a lot on maintaining our current breeding/growing stock more than anything else and relying on savings to ride things out. Our main goal right now is swapping out substrates for our shrimp tanks and stabilizing parameters to a specific number. 

That’s all for April

Thanks for having a read! It was certainly a fast month and we’ll continue to work on our aquarium setups in the background in May. 

Stay safe and healthy, wherever you are! 
Jennifer Mai