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One big step, but only one of many

Wow, you've found our update blog, the Breeding Room!

Firstly I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Jennifer Mai, sometimes known as Vertigo. You might recognise me as a shrimp breeder or mantis keeper on Facebook groups or other social media. I breed mostly neocaridina varieties of shrimp, with intention to grow. 

Recently I've decided to make a big step towards my lifelong dream, to breed invertebrates and run an online store with lots of resources. This is something I have thought about for the past 3-4 years until I finally got the guts to get started. This is something new, and to be frank quite scary.

I hope to bring some new things to the hobby of keeping invertebrates and other creepy crawlies in Australia. There's a few things in mind already:

  • Why the heck is it so hard to get mantids as pets? I have to wait for the only one breeder or hope that someone finds a mated female. 
  • Can we have flightless fruit fly cultures outside of labs, please? If I have to purchase lab flies and culture them for the general public, I will.
  • More transparency on products and live inverts- what is their origin, ingredients, genetics? Very useful information if you are a breeder. 

This isn't even all of my thoughts, but only the beginning. What would you like to see changed within invertebrate related hobbies?