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Crowned Stick Insect

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Onchestus rentzi

Crowned Stick Insects are an excellent beginner invertebrate and pet for children and adults if handled with care. A local source of fresh leaves from suitable host plants is required to keep these fascinating creatures. 

Size when adult: Between 10-20cm (males smaller, females much larger)
Lifespan: 8 (male) to 18 (female) months 
Temperature: Can be kept at room temperature. Will grow slower cooler seasons. 
Housing: An enclosure of at least 30 x 30 x 30cm. For multiple individuals, larger is better. Humidity should be kept above 60% with daily misting. 
Diet: Fresh supply eucalyptus leaves is a must! Other leaves they will eat are: guava, wattle, cadagi. Make sure water jars containing the leaves and branches are covered to avoid insects drowning in water.
Dimorphism: Females are larger, darker coloured, with small wings and can produce female clones via eggs. Males are smaller, light coloured, winged and are required for females to produce male/female offspring. 

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