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Malaysian Trumpet Snails - 5 Pack

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Melanoides tuberculata
The Malaysian Trumpet snail, also known as MTS are an extremely prolific snail that spends most of its time in the substrate of aquariums. They have a distinctly conical shell that is tough.

These snails breed prolifically when food is in excess and require hard water with sufficient calcium for good shell condition. Their prolific nature makes them a pest in some eyes. For others, the Malaysian Trumpet snail is a valuable member of the aquarium clean up crew. These snails can burrow and till substrates up to an inch deep, aerating the substrate and eating any food that can't be reached by shrimp or other snails. They are most active at night, coming out of the substrate when it is dark.

The snails you will receive range from 10 -25mm in diameter.

Water Parameters
 pH 7.6 or higher
Temp 16° - 27° C

Genetic Notes
Malaysian trumpet snails, while able to reproduce sexually, can use parthenogenesis to reproduce asexually from lone females.

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