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Freshwater Fish of Asia - 10 Coloring Cards

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Asia is a vast region of the world that is home to many unique fish that are found nowhere else. Fish from Asia are loved in home aquariums, but are threatened in the wild!

This series of 5 x 7” coloring cards features 10 species of freshwater and brackish fish from South East Asia in their natural setting, with a bit of trivia about the fish on the back of each card.

This pack features:

  • Asian Arowana
  • Asian Bumblebee Catfish
  • Spotfin Betta
  • Chili Rasbora
  • Licorice Gourami
  • Paradise Fish
  • Scarlet Badis
  • Tire Track Eel
  • White Cloud Mtn Minnow
  • Zebra Danio
Size: 5 x 7" cards. 10 cards + 1 bonus testing card.
Materials: 220gsm lightly textured, acid free cardstock.
Packing: With front/back slip and protective sleeve.
Notes We've tested the paper and ink. Best used with markers (including alcohol based), pencil or other dry media. May run/bleed with watercolors. Use the included tester card to see how well your tools work with the paper and ink!