COVID-19 Update: All orders will ship weekly on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday shipping is temporarily suspended.

Pre-Order Info

Due to high demand for certain varieties of shrimp, it’s hard for our breeding colonies to keep up! We don't retail shrimp from wholesalers, they are all bred in-house and sent directly to you. 

When we strip our colonies of juvenile shrimp, the population becomes less stable and breeding projects to improve and maintain the strains are difficult to do. Shrimp unfortunately require a lot of patience to selectively breed. Whilst there are works to increase breeding and prepare more breeding tanks, a pre-order system is now in place to ensure people have a chance of getting these particular shrimp, and to allow the colonies to be maintained. 

How Pre-Ordering Works

  1. Choose a pre-order only shrimp variety, the number of individuals and add them to your cart as usual.
    There is a maximum of 20 per variety of shrimp, this gives others a fair chance to get shrimp and reduce wait times. 
  2. Shrimp of different varieties may grow while waiting for other pre-order shrimp to fulfill your pre-order.
    The shrimp you will receive will range from 10mm juveniles to young adults. We will endeavor to have at as close to a 50% male/female ratio if they are young adults.
  3. Wait times can range from a few weeks to months depending on the amount of people waiting.
    You may cancel at any time if your order isn’t already being shipped. There is a fee of 5% of the value for pre-order cancellations. 
  4. If there are other items in your order, you may ship them together when the pre-ordered shrimp are ready
    OR ship separately, with pre-ordered shrimp shipped later when ready. A second shipping fee ($18.00) is charged if shipping separately.
  5. When your pre-ordered shrimp are ready, we will email you first to make sure that you are ready to receive them and to arrange a suitable shipping date.
    You will need to reply within one week, before we prioritise the next person on the list. 
  6. We reserve the right to cancel pre-ordered shrimp if we cannot communicate with you for an extended period of time (two or more weeks) to complete the order.
    This is to reduce wait times if someone doesn’t reply to emails for a long time. 
  7. If there is already a long list and wait time, we may temporarily close pre-order purchasing until the list has cleared up.
You can keep track of the pre-order waitlist and status through viewing this spreadsheet.

On the spreadsheet you can see how far up on the waitlist your order currently is and the shrimp status, when they've been boxed for grow out, and are at the proper size to send.