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Ebita Breed - Quatro 2 - Shrimp Food

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EBITABREED Quatro II is based on the concept of “natural food” which consists of only natural materials and excludes all the chemical additives. We aimed at improving appetite with little influence of established knowledge in dietetics by keeping the minimum nutrition required for crustacean. Its composition is just the opposite to the Hinomaru Bentoh, with considerations that the nutrition required can be supplied by raw materials as much as possible.

The mineral of the natural raw materials origin is included in abundance. The color is improved and outer shell strengthened. With improved appetite, the frequency of feeding be increased. 13 kinds of minerals and vitamins, a dietary fiber, 18 kinds of amino acids, nucleic acid(DNA and RNA), cysteine peptide are included.


  • Try to finish within 6 months to maintain freshness.
  • Break tabs into smaller pieces of the tank does not have many shrimps.
  • Please remove unfinished food to prevent fouling in your aquarium.
  • Please put in a safe place away from children, choking hazard for smaller kids.
  • Please store in a cool dark place with minimal moisture.

Ingredients: Seaweed powder, soybean powder, spirulina, dried bean curd, brewer’s yeast powder, wheat gluten meal, and minerals.

50g net weight. Sizable bag that can feed many shrimp colonies for a long period of time.