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Lowkeys - Black Master II

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**Limited product**

Black master II is a soil stabilization product for shrimp tanks that use active substrates.

Black master II is a product that helps maintain excellent water parameters by stabilizing pH and provides elements to the water without leeching. It prolongs the life of active soils so they don’t have to be changed for longer period of time!

There are no sudden change of water quality, it is gradual.

Ingredients: 74 species fluvic acid, humic acid and organic mineral

Usage: Use 1g to 1L water during water changes, or use 2g to 1L water for brand new setups.

Contains net weight of 100g. 

Our Note: These are little black beads of beneficial acids and minerals that gradually dissolve into the water. This is best used for Caridina shrimp tanks with active substrates! This is a bit like tourmaline balls in nature, but Black Master II is a much more solid product with proven ingredients. I find that this product is more practical for preserving active substrate in smaller dedicated shrimp aquariums due to the dosage amounts. We unfortunately don't keep Caridina shrimp right now, so our little stockpile of this product is best used by someone else.