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Rainforest Scorpion Juvenile (hormurus waigiensis)

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Sold as unsexed juveniles, captive born around Mar/April 2020. They are now over 1 year old and between 15-25mm long. Housing size can be smaller than listed until they grow larger.

Rainforest Scorpions are one of the easier scorpions to keep, and fairly docile to handle as they don’t often use their stingers. They have larger claws and smaller tails than other Australian scorpion species, and are found in tropical Queensland. They spend the majority of their time hidden under bark.

Size when adult: roughly 60mm, easily sexed when adults.
Lifespan: 5-10 years
Substrate: Mix of sphagnum and coco coir.
Temperature: Best kept between 22-28C.
Housing: 20 x 20 cm footprint, provide crevices such as bark or flat rocks for hiding. 

Diet: Crickets, roaches or other small insects. Feed once weekly with prey items 1/4th of the scorpions size.

If you need any assistance or more information about this species, please contact us!