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Ramshorn Snails - 5 Pack

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Planorbis Rubrum var. "Brown"
Ramshorn snails are an easy to care for snail that is often used as clean up crews for aquariums. They have a distinct coiled shell that resembles a ram's horn, hence their name.

These snails breed prolifically when food is in excess and require hard water with sufficient calcium for good shell condition. Ramshorn snails make a good "canary in a coal mine" for overfeeding and calcium deficiency in the aquarium.

The snails you will receive range from 10 -25mm in diameter.

Water Parameters
 pH 7.6 or higher
Temp 16° - 27° C

Genetic Notes
Brown shelled variety, some individuals may have red flesh and spotted shells. 
Ramshorn snails are hermaphroditic and each individual is capable of reproduction.

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