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Tiger Endlers

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Poecilia wingei x Poecilia reticulata var “Tiger” 

Tiger Endlers are a striking endler guppy hybrid that are perfect for nano-aquariums. These active fish breed readily as livebearers and are very outgoing fish. They are highly adaptable fish that can live in a wide range of tropical aquarium parameters. 

The fish you will receive are adults sized at 2.5-3cm in length.

A trio consists of one male and two females- which is the basic recommended ratio for breeding endlers and guppies.  Males are brightly coloured, whereas females are larger and plain. All males and females are kept as strain-specific colonies to avoid crossing.

Water Parameters
 pH 5.5 - 8.0
Temp 18° - 29° C

Genetic Notes
Breeds true with 10% throws of non-tiger pattern- such as spots, assorted endler pattern, and fan shaped tail.

All photos are of the breeding colony that adults are directly from.

It is the buyers responsibility to have an aquarium fully prepared to receive fish to ensure success. We have caresheets still in progress of being written, so we encourage you to look up guides online if you are unsure.