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Yellow Cherry Shrimp (Juvenile)

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Neocaridina davidi var. "Yellow"

A robust yellow variant of cherry shrimp, these feisty shrimp breed most prolifically and grow much larger over time than the other variants in our breeding room.

The shrimp you will receive are 10-12mm long unsexed juveniles that will reach full potential after sexual maturity. This item is priced per individual shrimp.

Water Parameters
 pH 7.5
gH 4
kH 4
TDS 150
Temp 21° - 23° C

Genetic Notes
Breeds true with less than 10% yellow rili throws.

All photos are of the breeding colony that juveniles are directly from.

It is the buyers responsibility to have an aquarium fully prepared to receive shrimp to ensure success. If you are unsure or are new to shrimp, check out our resources and caresheet first or prepare before buying.