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Holiday Season Cutoffs 2022-2023 and Other Projects

The end of year is upon us and as always, we have our Holiday Season Cutoffs for final shipments of the year. With summer approaching, we'll be starting to check forecasts for heatwaves to avoid live goods from being harmed by hot temperatures.

For more details about our shipping schedule, check out our shipping policy

An update on other projects

Black Rock Scorpion Babies! 
Scorpion breeding has been something we've been trying to attempt for a number of years. We're happy to say that our Black Rock Scorpions have successfully birthed some young! Due to the long gestation, resources spent, and the mortality of certain species, we most likely will not be regularly breeding and selling scorpions. But fingers are crossed for the new young scorpions health and growth. These bubs will be available once they have molted and left the mother, and are confirmed to be eating and healthy. 

Flake Soil
There has been a big influx of demand for flake soil that has been growing over the year. As a result, we've been making bigger and bigger batches. Demand is still outstripping our ability to make flake soil, due to it taking 3-6 months to complete.

If you have the ability to, do try to make your own flake soil to allow accessibility of our product for people who cannot make their own! In the meantime, we'll continue to increase our flake soil production.

Invertebrate Room Restructuring
This summer we're hoping to rebuild and restructure the invertebrate room to make a better packing and shipping station, as well as adding aquariums with CO2 systems and a remineralised RO water station. This will increase the varieties that we can raise. It will take quite a lot of time, so it is expected to take at least all summer to make significant process. 

In other news, updated shrimp colony photos and videos will be coming in January 2023. This will ensure that depictions of our shrimp remain accurate over time. 

Thanks for reading this quick little catch up blog! More updates are to come as we make progress on the Invertebrate Room. I personally wish you a happy and safe holiday season this year. 

Cheers folks!