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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your livestock come from?

All livestock from Sans Vertigo are bred and grown from our fish room. We maintain our own lineages, occasionally sourcing from other breeders to strengthen lines. It is highly encouraged to source livestock from different breeders in Australia to avoid excessive inbreeding later down the line.

Does Sans Vertigo have an aquarium store/store front?

At the moment we only operate online and don't have a physical store to visit in person. We don't have plans for a store front at the moment. Invertebrates are just too niche to run a store like that! It would be lovely to have tea with visitors one day- but it's a bit out of our scope right now.

My shrimp arrived in the post but now they are very pale!

With most shrimp varieties, shrimp tend to temporarily lose their colours if stressed. Postage can be stressful and cause this. Carefully drip acclimate and place the shrimp in an ideal tank, and they should regain their colours within a few days if not overnight. 

I need help keeping/breeding a certain animal/plant.

If you need more care information, you can check our resources. There are a multitude of forums and online groups that can answer very specific care questions if you can't find it here. We're working hard to add to our resources as time goes on. If you are still having trouble finding the information you need, we're happy to answer any questions through our contact form. It'll help us find gaps in our resources. 

When will this insect/shrimp/plant be back in stock?

Sans Vertigo is currently a single person team at the moment, breeding and maintaining our own stock. Livestock can take some time to breed and grow. If you want to stay up to date with critters coming into stock, you can find us on Facebook or subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of the page.