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care sheet, vinegar eels -

Vinegar Eels are most commonly known as a very easy to culture live food in the aquarium hobby. As the name suggests, they can live in vinegar- but they are not “eels” and are actually tiny nematode worms. They are most suited as a starter food for feeding young and tiny fish that are too small to feed on microworms and newly hatched baby brine shrimp, which are similar in size. Species: Panagrellus sppCommon name: Vinegar EelGroup: NematodesSize: 1mm Lifespan: 10 months (as individuals)Diet: Bacteria and yeast in the vinegar.Appearance: Very tiny white worms. Can be seen by naked eye...

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care sheet, microworms -

Microworms are most commonly known as a very easy to culture live food in the aquarium hobby. These are nematodes that live on starchy environments that are rich in living yeast. They are most suited for feeding young fish fry that need very small food. Species: Panagrellus sppCommon name: MicrowormGroup: NematodesSize: 1.5mm in length.Lifespan: 20-25 days (as individuals)Diet: Active live yeast.Appearance: Very tiny white worms. Will appear as glistening movement inside an active live culture.  Housing Our recommended size: Jars or takeaway containers with a tightly fitting lid. The lid does not need holes for air, so long as the container...

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care sheet, drosophila melanogaster, fruitfly, recipe -

The following recipe is intended to serve as substrate and nutrients for fruit fly larvae. This is the recipe we use for our own fruit flies, but there are plenty of others with different variations on the internet. All the ingredients are readily available for hobbyists in Australia, where we are based. If this recipe doesn't work for you, feel free to try others online! Do let us know if you had troubles with it, we're constantly trying to improve things.  This recipe makes enough mix for multiple cultures. The dry ingredients should be stored in an airtight container in...

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care sheet, springtails -

Springtails are tiny hexapods that are technically not true insects. There are over 3,600 species of springtails that inhabit all soil-based, vegetated habitats on Earth. Temperate springtails, which are commonly used in the hobby are detritovores that mostly help decay by eating fungi.

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care sheet, drosophila melanogaster, fruitfly -

In captivity, drosophila melanogaster is commonly used for studies in labs due to their short lifespan, ease of breeding and genetic selection. Due to this, vestigial wing (small reduced wing) varieties exist. This has made it easier to handle these flies, both for scientists and hobbyists!

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