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Jump to: Ingredients and Tools Getting the fermentation started Maintaining fermentation Storing and Using Flake Soil Flake Soil is fermented wood required to feed certain species of beetle larvae. These larvae survive exclusively on decomposing wood until they pupate and become adults, who then eat a sweet diet rich in sugars and fruits. Unfermented wood that is yet to decompose is too difficult for many beetle larvae to eat, so it must be broken down by fungi through fermentation.  Other groups of invertebrates may benefit from having flake soil in their substrate and diet, such as isopods and millipedes. A well...

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Printable PDF available! These DIY recipes work best with cultures kept at temperatures of 18-24C, as fermentation is required to raise fruit flies quickly and prevent mold. These recipes make enough food medium for multiple cultures depending on the size of your container. Feel free to try these recipes and make personal adjustments to your needs at home.Note: Made some changes to simplify recipes in early April 2022. We hope this helps! Banana and Oat Base This recipe matures flies a bit slower than typical, but lasts longer.Ingredients: Half a banana (ripe-overripe is best) 1 tablespoon of sugar Oat bran ...

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