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Beetles and beetle larvae are very easy to keep and raise, but the most effort and road block for new Australian beetle keepers will be flake soil. What is flake soil? It’s the fermented wood required to feed certain species of beetle larvae. These larvae survive exclusively on decomposing wood until they pupate and become adults, who then eat a sweet diet rich in sugars and fruits. Unfermented wood that is yet to decompose is too difficult for many beetle larvae to eat, so it must be broken down by fungi through fermentation.  A well developed rhinoceros beetle grub on...

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The following recipe is intended to serve as substrate and nutrients for fruit fly larvae. This is the recipe we use for our own fruit flies, but there are plenty of others with different variations on the internet. All the ingredients are readily available for hobbyists in Australia, where we are based. If this recipe doesn't work for you, feel free to try others online! Do let us know if you had troubles with it, we're constantly trying to improve things.  This recipe makes enough mix for multiple cultures. The dry ingredients should be stored in an airtight container in...

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