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Monthly Update: March 2019

We’re back with another monthly update! I missed out on February because things got busy for me. A lot of things are in the works, and there have been some small changes to the site. For a quick overview on what’s happened with our mantises over the past few months, I’ve got a video for you all below.

Amendments to care sheets:
Flightless Fruitflies (added a care video on the top of the page for those who prefer that)

Amendments to stock:

  • Bulky items such as cups and wood wool were removed temporarily due to insanely high postage costs on our end.
  • Our first live plants, java moss has been added to the plant section. More to follow soon as we grow out our plants.

On going projects:

  • More new shrimp food for a better complete diet. (packaging and label stage)
  • 10 South American fishes colouring cards set. (looking for printers)
  • Breeding springtails for cultures (nearly done)
  • Breeding mealworms (setting up)
  • Aquarium botanicals (looking for sources for new things)

Thanks for reading, and stay curious!