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Monthly Update: May 2019

It’s time for a little update again!

Yes, it was another busy month for me, with preparations for my little break in June. In just the few days, I’ll be pulling all stock from the store on the 2nd of June until the 10th of July- so if you were interested in something, now might be the best time to buy if you’re not eager for a wait!

I did make a couple videos this month, one focusing on collecting botanicals in Australia- since it is really hard to buy them or have any imported in. Botanicals are very useful for many fish, shrimp, and even terrestrial critters. You can find out more in the video below.

A short new video reference series has started where we look at different shrimp on different substrates. This is to help inform people visually on what substrates look best with certain coloured shrimp. There is only one video for now, but more will be released in late July after I return.

So what’s ahead for the future?

Sans Vertigo online store will not be taking orders from 2nd of June to 10th of July. Communication and support through our contact form, Facebook and email will continue the entire time.

On going projects: Projects will largely be on hold until July.

  • More shrimp food for a better complete diet (packaging and label stage)
  • 10 South American fishes colouring cards set. (done, looking for printers)
  • 10 South East Asia fishes colouring cards set (done, looking for printers)
  • 10 African fishes colouring cards set (currently illustrating)
  • 10 Oceania fishes colouring cards set (planned)
  • Breeding mealworms (starting the first generations, slow due to cold...)
  • Aquarium botanicals (looking for sources for new things, hitting walls with finding a source- may shelf this for now)