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Jan 2021 Update

It’s a new year, and hopefully a better one than the last! We missed a few blog updates due to being quite busy on the backend of things. A number of changes and improvements have been made to Sans Vertigo over the past few months. 


New Shrimp Photos

Updated shrimp photos from Dec 2020 on all shrimp listings were added in early January, to make sure that our shrimp colonies are depicted as accurately as possible. There was a hiccup with the videos that would normally be done at the same time- I’m currently looking into getting new software to get videos rendered and uploaded from our DSLR camera, but for now we can only update photos. Our next photo update is due in March. 

Shrimp Pre-Orders

Due to the popularity of some shrimp stripping our breeding colonies of juveniles, shrimp pre-ordering is now available for those who would like to get shrimp without them getting sniped whenever they come into stock. Pre-ordered shrimp are prioritised, and only excess juveniles will be stocked normally from now on. 

You can find all the shrimp available for pre-order here. Be sure to read about how the pre-ordering process works before purchasing!


Washi Tape Merch

More merch has found its way to our webstore and Etsy! Now you can adorn shrimp (and some cute ducks) on your journals and stationery with washi tape. As a journaller and collector of washi tape and stickers, there is a distinct lack of aquatic/shrimp themed stationery beyond koi, goldfish and generic ocean life. Three variants of washi tape are available, all as 15mm thick full rolls of 10m length. 

Current Shipping Schedule (COVID-19 Update)

Shipping times have improved and we resumed shipping in November. At the moment we are sticking to livestock shipments on Monday only, in case of delays or any changes to restrictions on short notice. We hope to return to more regular times with extra shipment days in the future! Read here for full shipping details. 

Thanks for checking in and reading this blog. Below are site changes and DOA policy changes, if you wish to read on. There’s still plenty of work to do to improve Sans Vertigo, so any feedback or questions are appreciated. 


Site Changes

Some housekeeping has been done over the past couple months to improve the webstore and experience for everyone using it. We’ve been taking note of feedback, questions and observations to make these changes.

DOA Policy
Our Dead on Arrival (Live Arrival Guarantee) policies have been updated to read more clearly, with better instructions on how to handle and claim for DOAs. More clear time frames to allow more flexibility and fairness to customers are now set in the DOA policy. You can read the full details and updated policy here

Shipping Cutoff Timer
We noticed that some folks were ordering after the cut off time, not realising that their orders wouldn’t be shipped until the next shipping date! It can be easy to miss that information when browsing, so a shipping countdown timer now appears under the “add to cart” button of every item in the webstore. This timer lets you know the exact date the item would ship if you were to order now. Of course, scheduled shipping time may shift if there is an extreme weather event or other outside force. Whenever this happens, we let everyone know as soon as possible. 

Online Contact Form
The contact form of our store has been updated to be more user friendly. You are now able to select subjects, and submit files or photos along with your message. These features are usable on any smartphone, tablet and computer- making it easier for DOA claims that require photos and video to be quickly uploaded from a phone.

New Contact Details
We’ve updated our contact details for added security! To transition smoothly to our new details, old addresses and emails are still being monitored. Here are our new details below:

Email: support@sansvertigo.com.au
Mail: PO Box 2283, Taylors Lakes VIC 3038, Australia