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Monthly Update: January 2019

We're well into the new year now, and a lot has been changing- that said a lot of notes will be held over to the February update as there's a lot of in progress work.

I've made a video over viewing where we are at right now. I want to make videos a more regular thing, as supportive material for hobbyists looking for more easy to access information!


Some new products were added to the site, mainly to the cultures and food and equipment sections. I'm finally able to supply flightless fruit flies to the public! 

Slight amendments and additions to care sheets:
Drosophila melanogaster (added a very useful culture calendar)
SV Fruit Fly Medium Recipe (new recipe, updated to reflect discoveries)
The above are to support those who want to raise flightless fruit flies in Australia. I've been making small adjustments and adding more material to these pages as I find more gems and "lifehacks" to help breeders along. 

More videos, tutorials and resources are coming soon this year!