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Monthly Update: January 2020

January has come and passed so quickly already! I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday season, given all the world events these past few weeks. Everything is back in full swing at Sans Vertigo, with shipping fully resumed. As always we’re keeping an eye out for extreme heat and natural disaster delays that could affect parcel delivery of live goods. 

This month we’ve focused mostly on general culling our existing shrimp colonies to maintain their genetics and quality. Some of the genetic notes on our shrimp listing are being altered as we do this to reflect what is up to date. For example, we did have a slight increase of clear shrimp in the past month being born in our blue dream colonies- so the number of culls increased. You can find this information in the Genetic Notes part of every live shrimp product on our store. 

New Video

A new video has been added to our channel. This is our last addition to the “Best Substrate Colour for _______ Shrimp” series, for now. In the future we’d like to add one for Green Jade shrimp, but this requires an established colony to make. This will take quite some time. We’ll have other reference and fun videos in the meantime. 

Underwater Pet Expo

Next month I’ll be visiting the Underwater Pet Expo in Melbourne on the 29th of February to check out this exciting new event, and hopefully make a video about the experience. The Underwater Pet Expo focuses on both freshwater and saltwater aquariums, similar to the well known Aquashella and Aquatic Experience expos in the USA. Since this is the first of its kind in Australia, I highly encourage any interested hobbyists to come and support this new event. It’s only $5 per day for adults, so there’s nothing to lose. I hope that this event succeeds and becomes a yearly event for the aquarium keeping community. 

Just to clarify, Sans Vertigo will not be holding any exhibit or stall at Underwater Pet Expo this year. We are just a very small business with one person running it all, we don’t have the capacity to do that much as is. 

Endler Update

Our tiger endler sex ratios are starting to stabilise with a decent number of males now. With the camellanus worm situation fully treated over six weeks and no symptoms since, we’re considering adding trios (one male, two females) onto our store. 

Tiger endlers can have variable patterns, markings and even tail shape. This is certainly what I’m seeing in some of my male endlers. My preference for males is to have a pointed tail instead of a flared out flat tail, so we are likely going to breed and sell endlers with the pointed tail shape, while soft culling those that don’t match it. 

It’ll be just a little more time until we’re ready to sell them. At this time we need to work out the logistics of sorting fry, and avoiding the selling of original older fish that naturally would die of old age sooner. 

Thanks for checking in this Sans Vertigo this month! I’ll be back with another monthly update after the Underwater Pet Expo, since I’ll be busy with making the video at the end of February.