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Monthly Update: Nov 2018

I'm still in the midst of upgrading our breeding room. So far this is a process that will take several months, since I have other commitments outside of keeping invertebrates. 

Recently I obtained and started some isopod colonies, armadillidium vulgare and porcellio scaber. After summer, I'll likely have enough to add to our stock. 

Aren't these a. vulgare cute? My partner likes these ones more than p. scaber, as the latter can't roll up into balls.

I have four new shelves/racks in process of set up as extra tanks for my shrimp and hopefully, a set of shelves dedicated for breeding and raising mantids! The hardest part will be finding breeding pairs as there are so few people breeding them in Australia. My current mantids are too far apart in maturity, and there might not be a breeding window for them. 

In other news I've started to add to our resource page, starting with a cherry shrimp care sheet. It even has some nifty diagrams that I spent a lot of time on, I hope that you do find these useful.