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Monthly Update: November 2019

It’s time for another monthly update! This November has had many things have been disruptive to progress at Sans Vertigo. 

Firstly, I have to address the elephant in the room: the Australian climate. It has been very hot and dry for most of Australia this year, extreme and frequent high temperatures have halted or delayed the fulfillment of some of our orders. Bushfires are disrupting services to certain areas, and will continue to be a concern as we move into summer. For more about shipping- read on at the end of this post!

I did hurt my back a little, which has improved mostly by now. But it meant working on none of my more heavy lifting/active projects. :(

New Videos 

Two new short videos are now on our YouTube channel. One is another addition to our Best Substrate Color for Shrimp series, focusing on yellow shrimp. The second video is a quick look at how I make a very small cricket breeding set up. YouTube's response to FTC's COPPA regulations may have an impact on our channel in the future, as our channel features pets and animals. But let's wait and see how the situation pans out for that.  

Shrimp Charms are here! 

There are five colour variations: fire red, blue dream, yellow cherry, green jade and red bee!  Our blue shrimp charms turned out a little too dark, so they will be discounted heavily. Next time I’ll make sure the blue is lighter. Our first run is small, there are only 20 of each colour available since I’m not sure how well or quickly they will sell out. We’ll order more, along with corrections to the blue dream or adding extra colours if I find that we’re running low quickly. 

These charms are now available on the Merch section of the store. 

I also revised letter sized shipping for international customers, it was previously 10AUD. It’s now only 5AUD no matter where you are outside of Australia. 

Another revision to the site has been the addition of a currency selector near the cart icon! Now you can get accurate pricing in your local currency if you are outside Australia. 

Next Month

December is a pretty intense month for sending live goods due to the holiday season and back to back major public holidays. We’ve put in place Holiday Season Cutoffs for ordering on our website. Live goods cut off 8th Dec and dry goods cut off 22nd Dec. Any orders later than this will be shipped 6th Jan 2020, so order soon to avoid waiting longer! 

Expect some updated photos and videos of our shrimp in December, as part of our endeavor to have accuracy for our customers. We’ll also be splitting and culling certain colonies harshly to improve the quality of color in the coming month, meaning we’ll be putting up special listings on our store for high quality adult shrimp that just didn’t make the cut. Some of them we’ll be putting up for auction on Australian Shrimp Trader. 

Despite some setbacks, it's been a decent month for me at Sans Vertigo. Stay safe and cool this summer if you’re in Australia. That’s all for this month!

- Vert/Jennifer Mai