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Beetle Substrate (Flake Soil)

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Important: We cannot ship this item to TAS, WA and NT due to biosecurity constraints.

This substrate is a special fermented wood soil that provides a living medium and food source for beetle larvae, isopods and other detritovores. Flake Soil is created through many months of fermentation, and is then dried and sifted to ensure only the properly fermented and broken down flake is packed. 

200g (800ml dry volume): If you only keep one beetle larva or plan to make your own flake soil for future use, only 200g is needed to sustain the larvae before your own flake soil is ready.

500g (2L dry volume): If you keep more than one beetle larva, or don’t have plans to make your own supply of flake soil, 500g or more is recommended to sustain them.

Note: Adult rhinoceros and stag beetles do not require this substrate, unless you intend to breed them.

Caution: Contains dry dusty material of biological origin, handle with care and avoid breathing in particles.

Available in 200g and 500g quantities as dry substrate. Substrate must be rehydrated when used to raise beetle larvae.