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Culture Cups - Lids with holes

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Versatile culture PET plastic cups with tightly fitting lids are useful for multiple things.

Great for fruit fly cultures and raising separated mantis nymphs. 

The lids come with hand pressed holes small enough to keep fruit flies from escaping, while allowing air through. Please note that holes of any size cannot prevent mites from the environment from coming in. Nonwoven Poly-Fabric squares may be used as an extra barrier under the lids. 

Size: 95mm diameter and 113mm height.
Capacity: 480ml
Notes: Non-microwavable. Avoid use with hot materials. Wash with lukewarm soapy water, sterilize with a dilute bleach/water soak for re-use.
Qty: 5 pack (5 cups, 5 lids) or 15 pack (15 cups, 15 lids).