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Drosophila melanogaster - Flightless Fruit Fly (Starter)

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Drosophila melanogaster

Contains one newly started culture with about 50 flies in a ventilated cup with media, more than plenty to begin breeding even if there are partial loses in postage! Newly started cultures take about 2 weeks to produce adult flies in ideal (warm) conditions. For those looking for more instant reproduction, there are established cultures

Note: Adult flies from this culture should be used to make new cultures before the best before date passes for best results! 

We recommend reading a caresheet prior to diving into culturing fruit flies.

Fruit flies are an ideal source of food for small or young predatory critters that can eat pinhead sized crickets- tropical fish and fry, frogs, tiny mantids, spiders, ants, small insect eating birds and much more!

Culturing crickets to get a constant supply of pinheads to feed can be time consuming and take up a lot of room. Hundreds of fruit flies can come out of one cup culture, and they can easily be split to form new cultures.

These flies cannot fly due to a vestigial wing trait, but may hop a tiny distance.

Each fly is about 2.5mm long.