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Mixed Cull Cherry Shrimp - 10 Pack

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Neocaridina davidi var. Mixed Ornamental

Want to have some fun with quirky shrimp on a budget? You don't have to start your first shrimp tank with only red cherry shrimp.

This pack contains a mix of culled shrimp from all of our neocaridina breeding tanks. These are individuals that are healthy but don't quite have the right colours for our breeding purposes.

The shrimp you will receive will be randomised, from at least 10mm long to full grown adults. Colours and patterns may range from low quality, wild type, speckled or rilli, to medium or near high quality. 

Water Parameters
 pH 7.5
gH 4
kH 4
TDS 150
Temp 21° - 23° C

Genetic Notes
Mixed from all of our colonies. While some medium/high grade solid colours appear, the shrimp may have interbred and may not breed true to colour.

All photos are of the breeding colony that juveniles are directly from.

It is the buyers responsibility to have an aquarium fully prepared to receive shrimp to ensure success. If you are unsure or are new to shrimp, check out our resources and caresheet first or prepare before buying.